Quick Update 9/28

Not a full-fledged post. Just an update on the sports post. The post on the NFL will not be posted until late night Wednesday. Apologies are in order for the lack of a NFL post Saturday. The post will be about Weeks 1-3 in the NFL and I’ll probably do one of these reviews every three weeks and then every week in the playoffs. Unlikely to be another post until that Wednesday.

Here’s song of the quick post. Its Gooey by Glass Animals and Remixed by Gilligan Moss(PG, arguably PG-13):


Games I am Looking Forward to on Xbox/PS4 2015

First off, just want to apologize for the missing post yesterday. Was unbearably sick and couldn’t get on my computer because of my illness. So I will be having two posts today, one later in the afternoon and this one in the morning, to make up for the blunder yesterday. Here is a list of games to look forward to within this year and into next, most of which were announced at the recent E3.

Fallout 4: If you do not include Fallout 4 on this list, then you are not a fan of video games. However, I should be shunned for never actually playing a Fallout game. If someone wants to gift me on Steam *hint hint.* But in all seriousness, this game looks like another fantastic shooter, adventure, rpg, apoc . . . you know what! Let’s just call “Fallout,” a new genre. The game series has a history of mixing so many genres and doing so beautifully. The game will be GOTY (Game of the year) in my opinion with very little debate.

No Man’s Sky: A promising indie, space-exploration game coming out on PS4. The game seems to be a 1st-person starbound type of game. For those who are unaware of Starbound, here is a trailer from 2013. In this game (No Man’s Sky), the amount of planets to explore seem infinite, with a finite amount of animals, plants, and materials to discover and collect. However, the game, which seems fun with friends, lacks a strong combat system and is much more about exploring many planets. Some people will love this idea of a game with little combat, but others may not be so happy. We will have to see which group has the higher percentage when it comes out this October.

Star Wars Battlefront: Another “must-have” for this type of list. Star Wars Battlefront is a sci-fi, first/third person shooter that takes place on maps from scenes in the movie. The game sounds fantastic, however, EA (the company notorious for a LOT of micro-transactions) is in charge of the game. Many fans are worried that common outfits in Star Wars, like a storm-trooper outfit, will cost real money to wear. Another worry is the ability to be a jedi by paying with real money. The game looks wonderful (which you might have already seen or will see at the end of the post), however EA will hopefully not interfere too much with the actual core game.

Here are a few more games that I kind of care for:

For Honor- A Chivalry type of game with at third-person fighting system that SEEMS to have a more in-depth fighting system. If it is more in-depth, than the game will be a huge hit, with a war-like atmosphere.

Uncharted 4- A game series that is popular, but one that I don’t care for too much. Frankly, from what I saw from the E3 Demo, the game seems like a third-person Call of Duty type campaign. Explosions and S***. Although I may not like it, the game series is adored by many, so let me talk about what looks fun in the game. The graphics look like an improvement from the original and the missions, although Call-of-duty-esqe, look like a lot of fun. TO ME, the price of $60 USD is just not worth it.

Just Cause 3- Another game series that I don’t care for. This game, however, might change my mind. A sandbox game that is all about blowing up stuff. Sure, does it seem like every transformers movie, yes. But this is in game form and you can blow stuff up however your heart desires. The difference between Uncharted 4 and this title is that in Uncharted 4, there is a limited path to take, while in Just Cause, you can do it however you feel. If you want to follow the Uncharted storyline, than Uncharted 4 is the way to go. However, if you want to just blow stuff up, than RENT this game. Sure the idea sounds great, but it also sounds incredibly dry after a week or so. You be the judge.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst- The idea of the game, a first-person parkour game, is an exceptionally creative idea, and the first game was a HUGE hit. However, I feel the game is not suited to be open world. Just an opinion, but the open-world aspects of the game will change the game for the worse. The ability to keep trying to beat your friends records on linear stages is what made the game great. Granted the game is good on its own, but without those linear, arcadey style levels, the game will be good, just not as great as the previous. Maybe, however, the game does implement this, in which case I revoke my previous statement and feel that the game will be a bigger hit than the previous.

And that’s all folks! Hope you enjoy the post and comment if you disagree with a few of my statements. I would love to have a nice, “proper,” debate with ya’ll. All links of previously stated games will be at end of post.  Here is Sharam and Kid Cudi’s She Came Along (PG-13, arguably R):


Fallout 4

IGN’s “18-minute” Gameplay of No Man’s Sky

Star Wars Battlefront 3 E3 Trailer

For Honor IGN 7 Mins of Gameplay

Uncharted 4 E3 Demo

Just Cause 3 Gameplay From a Fan of the Series

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay

Nintendo Titles I am Looking Forward to Playing

The Wii U is the biggest flop (Next to the GCN in the early 2000s), but it still is planning on releasing some really stellar games in the coming months. Even with the NX (the code-name for Nintendo’s upcoming console) around the corner, the Wii U still has some promise to be one of Nintendo’s best systems.

Xenoblade Chronicles X, for example, looks gorgeous. I saw a video on the actual gameplay during E3 , and it looks to be as good as the recent Witcher title (M), which is exciting. I never actually played the original Xenoblade on the Wii, but I am a fan of rpg’s and this one looks to be stellar. Especially with the Wii U’s vast collection of Splatoon(?) , Mario Maker(?) , Mario Kart, Smash, and Hyrule Warriors(?) , this game is a must get for any fan of rpgs that have a Wii U. I don’t feel like the game is grand enough to cause previous Xenoblade players on Wii to buy a Wii U (like Fallout 4 is to its numerically sound precursor), which is a problem. The game, from what I believe, does not directly follow the strong storyline of the original, which is another problem. Nevertheless, the game looks promising, both to new and old players.

Pokken Tournament is another game that I am excited to play. Sadly, this game was not at the less-than-promising E3 announcement, but I feel that this game would have sated many Nintendo fans. Pokken Tournament, for those who do not know, is a spin-off pokemon game based off the fighting game series Tekken. The game will act like a proper fighting game (not a physics fighting game, like Smash Bros., but a 2-D Fighting game, like the recent Street Fighter). The game has a varying group of characters, ranging from Lucario to Machamp. As a fan of fighting and pokemon games, I cannot wait till this upcoming “spring” to master this game.

Pokemon GO is a mobile game coming out on Android and iPhone. For those who don’t know, the game features an augmented reality, where the mobile device displays pokemon that you can trade and battle in the real world. As excited as I am, there is a worry that the game will require payment to advance later in the game, kind of like Pokemon Rumble’s brutal gem system. However, the game is almost bound to be a great bridge for Nintendo between phones and Nintendo devices.

A few other games that I kind of care for coming out on Wii U/ 3ds:

Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Yokai Watch (3ds) Backstory: I read a monga called Yokaiden which includes   many of the yokai found in this game. The manga, which is sadly incomplete with just 2 editions, was fantastic with really quirky, fun characters, so the game kind of excites me  just for that reason.

Animal Crossing (Wii U)- Backstory: Only because I heard rumor that the game board was a feature in an actual animal crossing game. Only rumor though, so if it fails to be true, than this game will likely suck.

Mario Tennis (Wii U)- Backstory: Only if the game is less than $60 USD. If not, than it is no way worth the price.

It is a bit sad to have to explain why people should be excited for Nintendo games today. With other alternative choices like PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo is being replaced. Soon, in my opinion, Microsoft will be what Nintendo once was to Sega, which is kind of alarming. To me, Xbox workers seem like pretentious a**holes who care only about money, which is why I will not buy one of their consoles again. The PS4 or NX will likely be my next console, but that is a discussion for another post. Then again, maybe Nintendo was just as pretentious as Microsoft is today. They both have (or had) the right to be, in a way. Both were clearly ahead in their field and both knew that they had a strong enough fan-base to stay in business, despite their flaws as people. But with Nintendo’s popularity dwindling, one has to wonder when their now humble dynasty will be completely eradicated.

Here’s the song for the day. Its Waves by Sundara Karma. Also, after the song will be a list of links with the previously talked about game trailers or gameplay. Next post will be Friday, where I will talk about games that will likely cause me to buy a PS4 (AKA Fallout 4). Maybe an American football post thursday, but that will likely be on Saturday. Thanks for reading and enjoy the song 🙂

Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay

Pokken Tournament Trailer/Gameplay

Pokemon GO CGI Trailer

Star Fox Zero Gameplay

Yokai Watch Gameplay

Animal Crossing Amibuu Festivul (:<(

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Trailer

Poem: Another Rainy Day

The menacing rain

Sung a song with the dim clouds

About its dark woes


Yet dancing children

In the summer’s worst torrent

Sent cheers to the sky


The heavy rain’s drops,

Hugged the bare arms of the kids,

As they grew goose-bumps.


The rough, robust winds,

Attacked the youths with their whips,

And sharpened daggers.


The kids retreated.

When the winds teased and snickered,

The youths brought armor.


The winds surrendered,

After seeing their soft shells,

And the kids had won.


I hope you enjoyed the poem. I would like to also include a fresh, new song after each post. So here is Thirsty Man by Blitzen Trapper :  

The Reason Behind my Name/About Me (Updated Dec. 5 2017)

My name is Kevin and I am currently attending Cleveland State University as an Information Systems major with a passion for creative writing. I enjoy playing video games like League of Legends and NBA 2K to name a few. I also love to listen to music, like most people do. I mostly listen to indie music, however I’d like to believe I have a diverse list of songs that I listen to regularly ( I will link my Spotify at the end of the post if you are interested in what I listen to ). I follow sports such as the NBA and NFL, as well as a bit of pro tennis.  Finally, I enjoy writing poetry, which at first was a rarity to see on the blog, but is now quite proudly the opposite.

I aspire to be a writer of either fiction or poetry. I am currently nine chapters into my dystopian noir novel. I have also considered creating a collection of my poems, but, as of now, I am keeping them free to share to anybody who has the internet and wants to read, for whom I am forever grateful for.

Now for a list of my favorite things:

Video Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Artists (Music): The Dear Hunter, Milo, Myke Bogan, Caligula’s Horse, Mastodon, Portugal. The Man, Queens of the Stone Age, Shakey Graves, and More!

Album: Demon Days by Gorillaz

NFL Team: Cleveland Browns

NBA Team: Brooklyn Nets

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Cartoon show: Futurama

TV show: Better Call Saul or The Expanse

Current (relevant) consoles: PS4 and PC (steam games/league of legends)

I play Sm4sh Bros a lot, so my 3 favorite fighters in that game:

  1. Falco
  2. Samus
  3. Lucario

My Spotify