The Reason Behind my Name/About Me

If you do not already know, my username for mostly everything I am a part of is “bowl0soup.” The reason for the name is pretty simple; I like to eat soup, so much so that I made it my username. Also, balancing around 15 usernames is not for me, so I just stuck with that one. The name of the blog was not bowl0soup because it was already taken before. A plate of soup also shows how strange this blog may seem from time to time. The name represents how weird I can seem, which is partially why I chose my username as well. I wanted something to make me seem a bit different, but not that bad different that would stick everything up their left ear.

My name is Kevin and I am currently in high school. I play tennis for my school and I love playing video games, especially those on Nintendo systems. I do, however, like to dip my toes in all pools of video games and I have a general knowledge of all platforms, from consoles to pc. I love to listen to music, like most teens. I mostly listen to indie music, however I like to believe I have a diverse list of songs that I listen to regularly ( I will link my spotify at the end of the post if you are interested in what I listen to ). I follow mainly american football, with some general knowledge on the NBA and Pro Tennis. Finally, I enjoy writing poetry, which may seem a bit odd. I will seldom post poetry (like I will after this post), however if it starts to become more popular than everything else I blog about, than it might become weekly.

Now for a list of my favorite things:

*Disclaimer: All ratings are based off of my opinion and may not accurately portray what you see as another rating.

Favorite Video Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

3 Favorite Songs:

 1.) Inside Out by Spoon

Official Video (PG-13)

Lyrics Only (PG)

 2.) Better Days by Robert Delong

Video (PG)

 3.) Plastic Soldiers by Portugal. The Man

Video (PG)

Favorite Album: Demon Days by Gorillaz

Favorite American Football Team: Cleveland Browns

Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV-14, viewer discretion is advised)

Favorite Cartoon Show Currently on Air: Rick and Morty (TV-MA, Viewer discretion highly advised)

Favorite non-cartoon show on air: Mr. Robot (TV-MA, Viewer discretion highly advised)

Current Consoles: Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, GCN, GBA, 2DS, PS2, PS1, and PC (steam games).

I play Sm4sh Bros a lot, so my 3 favorite fighters in that game:

  1. Falco
  2. Samus
  3. Lucario

My Spotify (explicit)


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