The Reason Behind my Name/About Me (Updated Dec. 5 2017)

My name is Kevin and I am currently attending Cleveland State University as an Information Systems major with a passion for creative writing. I enjoy playing video games like League of Legends and NBA 2K to name a few. I also love to listen to music, like most people do. I mostly listen to indie music, however I’d like to believe I have a diverse list of songs that I listen to regularly ( I will link my Spotify at the end of the post if you are interested in what I listen to ). I follow sports such as the NBA and NFL, as well as a bit of pro tennis.  Finally, I enjoy writing poetry, which at first was a rarity to see on the blog, but is now quite proudly the opposite.

I aspire to be a writer of either fiction or poetry. I am currently nine chapters into my dystopian noir novel. I have also considered creating a collection of my poems, but, as of now, I am keeping them free to share to anybody who has the internet and wants to read, for whom I am forever grateful for.

Now for a list of my favorite things:

Video Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Artists (Music): The Dear Hunter, Milo, Myke Bogan, Caligula’s Horse, Mastodon, Portugal. The Man, Queens of the Stone Age, Shakey Graves, and More!

Album: Demon Days by Gorillaz

NFL Team: Cleveland Browns

NBA Team: Brooklyn Nets

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Cartoon show: Futurama

TV show: Better Call Saul or The Expanse

Current (relevant) consoles: PS4 and PC (steam games/league of legends)

I play Sm4sh Bros a lot, so my 3 favorite fighters in that game:

  1. Falco
  2. Samus
  3. Lucario

My Spotify


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