Mobile Game Reviews- Golf

Mobile Game Reviews- Golf

I’ve decided to start reviewing mobile games based off of themes. I might review other games along with the mobile games depending on the topic, but, for this theme, I will only use mobile games. The order of these reviews will be done not based off of any ranking, but at the end will be listed from best to worst. I do not know how many will be in the review, but at least five will be used each time. Without further ado, lets begin.


I love mobile games! They are really fun at times, depending on which ones you find. Most are trash money grabs, but a few are truly entertaining (my favorites will probably be in a future post some time). So, I am going to review and rank the most popular results on the Google Play Store for golf.


GOLFINITY- A mini-golf game that, seemingly, stays true to its name. The game itself, however, is a bit standard. I must say that for being such a standard game, it has a few mechanics, which I appreciate. First, you can play your ball off of the outer trim/border. The ball can also start in a valley of sorts, which can lead to creating some really unique trick shots. The stages, to my knowledge, are pre-built (not randomly generated), which in my opinion is good because you can compare scores with friends. Their is no penalty for scoring over par. In fact, there really is no limit to the amount of shots you can take (at least I didn’t run into any limit). Some players may like this, but others will get bored quick, especially with bland obstacles and background. The game is a barebones mini-golf game, and not much more.

mini golf matchup

Mini Golf Match Up- Another proclaimed mini-golf game. Only this one is WAY less bare then the previous. The game is based around this idea of facing head to head against another player Words with Friends or Trivia Crack style. You take a turn then wait for the other player to take theirs until you finish the 5 courses. Whoever gets the highest score wins. There are mulligans involved. The game gives you one free mulligan per 5 hole round (either this or one per hole. Either way its fair though). The game has a decent community size, however the game, debatably, is a money grab. You start off with 2 courses, each with, I want to say, 9 holes randomly selected into groups of five when “matched up.” The rest of the courses are priced in either stars, which are in game quests that excel in difficulty as you play, or actual money. The amount of quests needed to unlock a new stage are absurd (the lowest is 20 stars, which is the price equivalent of $2. The rest of the stages are more expensive in stars and actual money, one being $5 or 80 stars). The stars, once spent, are gone, so that is even crazier. The only redeeming factor of this payment system is the Mixed Bag stage that can be selected when created or joining a game. If you create the game, then they will randomly select 5 stages seemingly from the courses you own. This I could not prove, however it seemed that the five holes were only ones from courses you owned. The gameplay, though, seemed much better to me, but it was less realistic and the physics of the ball in conjunction with the hole were a bit wonky. You could fire the ball pretty hard in the hole and it would not bounce out. For this type of game, I don’t think its a flaw. Also, play on mute if you plan on playing it. The music is atrocious.

flick golf

Flick Golf Free- An actual golf game. Well, kind of a golf game. The player flicks a ball off of a drive and spins it to try and get it close to a target around a hole. You only get one shot, but can spin it a lot. The game has nice scenery and a plethora of game modes to play. However, the gameplay itself is dull. Extremely dull. The game is a clear money grab. The game tries to pull the player in by tempting them with a new scenery the next level. Even though the scenery is nice and the game modes are each fun in their own right, the actual gameplay is horrid. Also, forgot to mention, there is a stamina system. You get five max energy and each time you play, you have to use energy. It takes 30 minutes to regenerate one energy, which is absurdly long. There is a star system as well and if you do not have enough stars, you need to replay levels with energy, which sucks. Play on mute if planning to play, for the menu music is worse then the music in Mini Golf Match Up.

ea golf

EA Golf- Yes, I know EA right? The horrid company of many games still beloved today. The most notorious company for making an insane amount of micro transactions in their games is making a mobile game? Well yes, but what’s even more unbelievable is that the game is actually good! The game has a candy crush feel, with lives and stages that can give 1,2, or 3 stars. The gameplay is good, not great. The game has multiple modes, which include putting, driving, pitching, and stroke play. All are entertaining in their own right, but stroke play has to be, by far, the best. The game is, surprisingly, generous. It gives you 30 some coins, which lets you buy 2-3 characters or other upgrades. The game is also fair in its gameplay, having a nice tutorial and fairly simple gameplay mechanics. The music is also fair, with good sound effects, beside the spin mechanic also found in Flick Golf. The graphics were meh, but for a mobile game, they were manageable.

golf championship

Golf Championship- A golf game with three different modes, characters with tech trees, and no apparent stamina meter. What could go wrong? Well a lot of things are wrong with this game. The gameplay is downright garbage, the animations are sickening, the music was nauseating, and the sound effects, oh the sound effects were just weird. The tutorial was uninformative to say the least, and the graphics look way worse then competitor’s, like the EA Golf game. The UI was poor. I will say, however, that all three aforementioned pros are in the game. But that is all that is good about this game. Seriously avoid unless you want a good laugh.

stickman golf

Super Stickman Golf 1 and 2/Flappy Golf- All three of these games are great renditions of mini golf. In my subjective opinion, they are the best ones on the Google play store. The games contain many unique stages and levels (2 and flappy golf share levels, but both play different from one another.)

mini golf stars 2

Mini Golf Stars 2- A pretty pathetic mini-golf game. The game is a) basic and b) boring. The obstacles are slightly better than some aforementioned mini golf games, but aside from that, the game is nothing too special. The unlocking system and poor graphics especially don’t help.

wgt golf

WGT Golf- A stroke play golfing game that is pretty solid gameplay-wise. The aiming system is a bit hard to control, however, and the live action multiplayer normally ends in a disconnect mid-way through. The game has no apparent life or stamina system. The graphics, though, ruin the game. All the creators did was take snapshots and try, and fail, to blend the ball into the picture. I praise the game for its free player friendliness, but it isn’t that good.

real feel golf

Pro Feel Golf- Another stroke play golfing game that is, surprisingly, impressive. The controls are smooth and easy to use. This golf game is, hands-down, the best in its mechanics. The scenery is probably the best I’ve seen out of all the games and the PvP in the game is functional. The game also has no stamina bar or life system. Truly a great stroke play game that I plan to keep on my phone for a while.

eagle fantasy golf

Eagle Fantasy Golf- This is a stroke play golf game that is also a lot of fun. The game has a bearable gameplay system. The graphics are cartoony, but in a good way. The loot is really where the game shines. The game allows your character to loot clothing or clubs after every completed hole. Each loot has its own rating, from 1 to 5 stars. The modes to play are numerous. The game even has a guild system, which seems to work well. The only issue with the game is the stamina bar and the fact that the game will automatically set power on putts.

3d golf

3D Golf: This game was really popular on the store for no legitimate reason. It was basically a worse version of Flick Golf, as if that were even possible.

Here’s the ranking list (remember, I’ll start with the worst and go up from there to the best golf games):


11. Mini Golf Stars 2 (F)

10. Golf Championship (F)

9. 3D Golf (D-)


7. Flick Golf Free (D)

6. EA Golf (C)

5. Mini Golf Matchup (C)

4. WGT Golf (B-)

3. Eagle Fantasy Golf (A-)

2. Stickman Golf Collection (A-)

1. Pro Feel Golf (A+)


Thanks for reading. Heres a song: Linoleum by Pain of Salvation


My Favorite (Cheap?) Steam Games

To those who are unaware of PC gaming, Steam is a platform used to, well, play video games on computers. Steam is notorious for being coated with indie games along with the triple A titles. As great as a 60$ game is, sometimes its nice to play a game that doesn’t bust the bank. Here are a few of my recommendations that you may or may not have heard of, ranked 1-5, 1 being the best:

5-Awesomenauts (10$)- This game is a 2D platformer with heavy influence from MOBA games (i.e. League of Legends or Dota). The goal of the game is to take out the other teams base and turrets that guard said base. The PvP in the game works well with 3 players to a team. Finding a match is not quick, but its not unbearable. The developers also update the game every now and again. The only issue with the game is the DLC heroes, which are not pushovers by any means.

4- Freestyle Basketball 2(Free to Play)- Although not mainly a steam game, the game is free to play on steam. The game is pay to win, no doubt. But, a player can still enjoy it as a competitive sports game in the rookie and pro servers, which is where most of the f2p players are found. Each player controls one player in a 3v3 street rules basketball game. For competitive junkies, the game can be enjoyable, especially in the rookie and pro stages. The community, for the most part, is courteous and helpful. There are a few rotten apples, but your teammates are usually respectful in these early stages, even if they are better than you. One issue is that the servers are weak and it takes some time to get into an actual match, but shootarounds take place of a loading screen so its not so bad.

3- Insurgency/Counter Strike: Global Offensive(15$ each)- I grouped these together due to their similarity. Both are first-person shooters and both are followed by competitive communities. CS:GO’s community is ok at best. The players can seem rude to newer players in casual or competitive classic matches, but while perfecting your skill, the community, although not supportive, is respectful. Insurgency is a bit more graphically taxing, requiring a more legitimate gaming PC. Sure you could play the game with not so great frames and horrid graphics, but it is not ideal (trust me). Nevertheless, what I played of the game was more entertaining then CS:GO. The community seemed good (at least in casual matchups) and the gunplay seemed much more realistic then that in CS:GO, which some players may like. In general, both are fun games that you will want a mic in.

2- Brawlhalla (Free to Play)- This was a close one for me between one and two. Both games are great and I highly recommend them both. Brawlhalla is basically a (as of now) f2p Smash bros with better online play. Need I say more. Now, let me say that I LOVE Smash Bros. I bought all DLC stages and characters for the game and I consider myself good at the game. Brawlhalla is also great. The characters a the only issue for me, due to the fact that all of them have, although different special weapons, the same moves. The goal of the game is to pick up weapons on the battlefield and use those to knock the enemy off the stage. The game has a skill cap, in my opinion, unlike Smash Bros so that is its main fault, but the game is still great, especially if it stays f2p.

1- Darkest Dungeon(25$)- Darkest Dungeon is a single player game first and foremost, so if you are strictly a fan of multiplayer games then you can stop reading. Also, this game has turn-based fighting, so leave if you don’t like that. Aside from these “flaws,” the game is, well, flawless. The game has you recruiting party members of different classes and adventuring in dungeons in a paper mario-esqe style. Although I think the game is its own breed, it is most comparable to a mixture of dark souls, xcom, and paper mario. The game truly is great and I have nothing to say against this game. *Heads up: The game just went out of early access, so the game may have some issues. However, the developers seem to be adamantly fixing problems.*

P.S.> Don’t know how frequently I’ll be posting. Just know that I’ll post when I’m in the mood, like I am today.

Also, here’s a good song. I think I’ll start using Spotify links now (Explicit)(Rap(kind of))

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