Why Don’t NFL Teams do This?

Almost every team in the league, successful or not, has one quarterback that they rely on for almost every play on offense. But, why? Why can’t their be certain specialized quarterbacks in the same way that a running back can specialize in speed or strength? Why can’t teams have one quarterback that can only bomb the ball down the field and another that can only accurately throw short or intermediary passes? The answers to all of these questions have yet to surface in my mind.

Now I am obviously not saying greats like Brady or Rodgers should be specialists, but players like Gabbert and Kaepernick or Hoyer and Cutler to share playtime in each game and play to their strengths. These teams are not successful with the orthodox strategy of having only one quarterback, so why not try and experiment with this. It can’t be much worse.

So what am I suggesting these teams do exactly? Well, I want to see quarterbacks interchanged just like running backs are for many teams. Have a quarterback that excels on third down play on every third down. Have a quarterback that has a cannon only throw deep passes. Have a fast quarterback run options. The options are limitless! I am not certain of many examples where this would be applicable. Maybe the Vikings with Bradford and Bridgewater? I’m still not sure, but I think that if teams drafted with this mindset in mind, then they could really see what success is.

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Nintendo Switch Features Which I Love

Nintendo Switch Features Which I Love

The Nintendo Switch, although a bit disappointing, has some real promise. I do hope it the best when I say that I will not be purchasing it at launch. I’ll buy it someday, which is kind of the same thing I had done with the Wii U. However, I want to talk about some of the promising features it has to offer.

First, the controllers look incredibly innovative. The sheer size is neat, along with the ability to join the two to make a Wii-U game pad-like controller. Having the ability to easily give a controller to a friend and play something like 1 2 Switch or Mario Kart 8 with relative ease at home or on-the-go is really exciting.

The actual mobility of the console is something to awe as well. It has been virtually unseen at the level with which the Switch can travel. The Wii U had minimal range compared to the literally infinite range of the Switch, and that is something to praise. I feel like this will be a healthy blend of Nintendo DS and Consoles, which I believe will work swimmingly. The battery of this also is not an issue, due to the fact that it uses basic USB and has three hours on one of the more graphically intensive games, being Legend of Zelda.

And speaking of, the new Legend of Zelda game looks like a nominee for game of the year. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay seems like a ton of fun, and the open-world aspect looks as good of concept as it was when Fallout 3 was announced. The trailer was unbelievable and the story looks invigorating. All signs point to game of the year, but it would foolish to deem such a thing in January and to say it before the game is even released. With that being said, it’s game of the year.

The other games for the Switch look interesting. The only issue I have with them is the projected prices. However, the games showcased look interesting enough to, maybe, be worth the price tags. And some of the teased games, like Fire Emblem Warriors, get me excited. The games being on cartridges is a fun idea as well that I am all for on a practical level.

Although online subscription is lame, the fact that Internet services will be vastly improved is great news. Wii U services have some problems, so I am gladdened by this. The ability to chat with friends is one of the best features on Xbox and PlayStation, so I am glad that Nintendo is also capitalizing.

That’s about it. Again, I am hesitant about the console and its future. However, I do like some features. Just, for me, the cons outweigh the pros at this moment. I think in the upcoming months, that outlook will swap.

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My Concerns with the Nintendo Switch

My Concerns with the Nintendo Switch

I have been a huge supporter of Nintendo. The first game console I played was the GameCube and ever since I have, eventually, bought the rest of their following consoles. So, when news came out about the NX/Switch I was immediately on board. The official presentation was a few days ago and I have to say that I am greatly concerned.

The quality of the games, as a majority, is one issue that I have. Yes, Legend of Zelda looks like an easy favorite for Game of the Year and Mario Odyssey looks like it could be good. However, the rest of the games looked pathetically dry or tedious to previous titles. And this worries me because the lack of games was one of the issues the previous consoles had faced.

A lack of release dates worries me too because this basically tells me that Nintendo will not release these till much later. Most the games had only brief teaser trailers about them, like Fire Emblem Warriors for example. This worries me because a lack of early releases will not generate sales to create more games or give more contracts to other gaming companies.

Money is probably the biggest issue I have with the console. The Switch itself is well priced. In fact, I have the opportunity to get the system for barely anything if I decide to trade in my Wii U. Yet I am still hesitant because of the prices of the games. 1 2 Switch is going to be $50, which is absurdity. Arms is $60 which is crazy. Pro controller is $70 or $80. Joycon are $70. This means that future games will also likely have these ridiculous prices.This was just horrible with the Wii-U and it looks like the problem will continue with the Switch.

The gall that Nintendo has to re-release games like Splatoon and Mario Kart is unacceptable. Give the game for at least half off to those who bought the previous inferior versions. It is shameful to charge full price for literally the same game with a few features that should have been in the games prior. The fact that I had spent about 80+ dollars on Mario Kart 8 Wii U with DLC and am now expected to buy the same game for sixty more dollars is absurd. Yet, people will do it because they want to see Nintendo back in its hay-day by supporting it. Well, here’s news for ya! IT ISN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

Now look, I know I sound pissed. The simple answer is that I am. However, I will still more than likely be purchasing, or at least following, the new console. Why? Well I am one of those people I ridiculed above. I want to see Nintendo succeed, but I can just tell that the Switch is not the way they are going to. I love the innovation Nintendo has with their consoles, but the games, with the exception of the new LoZ, are the absolute opposite of that. The games release for Wii U are, in majority, comparable to flash games you could find for free. The system, like the Wii U, has unlimited potential. The games, however, are too limited.

Thanks for reading. Would like to know your thoughts on the new console. More positive post probably within the next week about the Switch.



Technical Advancements and Their Flaws

Technical Advancements and Their Flaws

I, for one, am completely supporting of technical advancements to help us in our daily lives. Whether it be through artificial limbs, robots, or self-driving cars, advancements in technology can only improve a person’s way of living. But I think the rate at which we are advancing in concerning.

The economy we currently experience in America is acceptable for the times we live in. People earn money by working. However, if robots start to do all the work for us, particularly the jobs which have a big chance for human error, then how will our modern day economy function? How would people gain money? Well, the answer is hard to find unless we change our current economic system.

Technologies such as self-driving cars eliminate the need for taxi or bus drivers. 3-dimensional printers eliminate the need for craftsmen. Robots eliminate the need for minimum wage workers. All of these jobs become obsolete. And yes, some may argue that some people need to be able to make the robots or the self-driving cars or the 3-d printers, and its a valid point. But that further punishes those who decided not to get a college education. Also it is more than likely that one day “the machine” will be programmed to make those as well.

I’m not trying to halt advancement in technology. I just want the world to be prepared for when society becomes more reliant on robots and the like. Entire recreations of economic systems should not be an activity to be put off for another day. At the rate technology is improving, we as a society need to construct a plan for the future generations to live under.

So what plans do I have in mind? Well the simple answer is that I don’t have one. Maybe it is a sort of stock system where you purchase a share in a robot and whatever money it makes goes into share-holders pockets. However that leads to a rich get richer system and how would these robots get, “hired,” and “fired”? Maybe we have a communistic society where everybody just gets a certain amount of money every week or so to pay for goods. But then the standard of living would be affected and that would maybe lead to levels of uncontrollable inflation.

I believe the only way to make this futuristic society run is to completely eviscerate the idea of money and economy. It sounds crazy, but what else can be done? To be fair, machines would probably be able to create food and other necessities infinitely, or at least seem to. With modern technology the way it is, possibilities for the future are beyond the scope of all our imaginations. I mean, who ever thought self-driving cars would be possible. Sure, there are a few issues, but they will eventually be on all roads. The fact is that we don’t know how far we can take technology.

The possibilities are endless, but the impending future is near and the systems we currently have in place are soon to become ineffective. If we as a society want to see how far technology can go, we need to create a plan to keep society and the economy in a stable state. Without a new plan, the future may never become what we are capable of making it.

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My NFL Playoff Prediction for 2017

Many sport’s fans are anxiously waiting for this year’s NFL champion to be crowned. This is when I thought to myself, “Why? Don’t people have anything better to do?” I soon had a revelation that they, including myself, have no such thing! So, with all of that said, here is my prediction for the upcoming playoffs…




Dolphins at Steelers- Dolphins have been great this year, but they have too many issues at quarterback and their defense will not stand a chance against the Steelers powerhouse offense.

Raiders at Texans- Texans are severely underrated in my opinion. With that being said, their is a blaring issue offensively. Yes, the Raiders have the same issue at quarterback, but the rest of Oakland is good enough to make up for it. The Raiders have a great O-line, receiving core, and running game. Texans, although having a better defense, will not be strong enough offensively to top the Raiders.

Packers at Giants- Packers are on fire right now. Although I think the game will be close, the Packers are red hot right now and I don’t think any team has a chance against them in this wildcard round.

Lions at Seahawks- Seahawks have been hot and cold all year and without Earl Thomas in the backfield, their defense is mediocre at best. Add the fact that they are facing a top 5 quarterback gives them really bad odds.

DIVISIONAL ROUND (Predicted Matchups)

Raiders at Patriots- Derek Carr is out. Need I say more?

Steelers at Chiefs- VERY CLOSE. Picking straws really. At the end of the day, the Chiefs are ecstatic from their division win and therefore will be slightly more explosive on offense. Also, the Steelers defense leaves something to be desired.

Packers at Falcons- Remember that thing I said about being red hot? Yeah I meant to say the Falcons are. The fact of the matter is that both these teams have bad defenses and outstanding offenses. This game will be super high scoring, but I have to give a nod to home field and to rest.

Lions at Cowboys- Here I am with the Lions winning again. A Cinderella story of sorts. The Cowboys aren’t ready yet. Will they be? Absolutely! Just, not now. Why, you may ask? I dunno…morale or lack of leadership or somethin’. I can’t put my finger on it. Something about the team going from what they were a year ago to now basically with the addition of two rookies running the whole offense doesn’t bode well for me. Like the saying says, some things are just too good to be true.

CONFERENCE ROUND (Predicted Matchups)

Chiefs at Patriots- ABSURDLY CLOSE. Picking toothpicks here. Boiled it down to the fact that Alex Smith can look like Tom Brady against a mediocre Patriots defense with an Andy Reid playbook. They only win if he has one of those games, and obviously I think he can and will. Also, the Chiefs defense is almost guaranteed a turnover of some kind because that defense is legitimate.

Lions at Falcons- I’m not THAT crazy about the Lions. Falcons have better offense and defense no question. Win by double digits.

CHAMPIONSHIP (Predicted Matchup)

Chiefs vs. Falcons- Chiefs win because they have defense. Really that simple. Both teams have offense, only one has defense. And the last few years have proven that you need defense to win championships. If Falcons win, it would change the way teams build. Them even being in the Super Bowl, (if I am right), will make waves among general managers. However, I still believe that a strong defense will always beat a superior offense, therefore I am choosing the Chiefs to be champions.


Thanks for reading! And just as a reminder, I am no expert, merely a fan so take all I say with a grain of salt. Well, maybe not salt. Maybe more like a rock of Parmesan cheese you see in those shakers. Hope you have a great start to your new year.