Alienation’s Bellow Cries Death

FeaturedAlienation’s Bellow Cries Death

Alarming bells’ counting daze,

Entrancing followers’ gilded hearts.

Illusionary jungles kill lions.

Monarchical nihilism overshadows persistence.

Quickly reins shake tyranny,

Undress vixens worriedly.

Xerxes’s yielding zeal.


A broken clock doesn’t

Entertain fathers. Grieving homes.

Intrusive jingles. Knives lunging.

My neck opens purple,

Quivering. Restlessly stoic tumult.

Unheard vehemence withers.

Xenolith’s youth zombified.

–Kevin J. Flors


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Inevitable Lateness

FeaturedInevitable Lateness


I now understand,


My mother’s indigestion of stress,

Spat out in undesirable forms,

A bullet aimed at our apathy,

Its journey never short.


The dependence of alcohol,

An escape from skeletons,

Walking skeletons,

Or what feigns natural.


My father’s infidelity,

Disintegrating pathways.

The artistry to combine,

The chemical with the physical.



Burning their lungs and nerves,

Curing combustible flames,

When water fails to salve.


My mother’s anger,

Her sadness,





Late shipments of reminiscence,

Of overbearing failures,

Of regrets.


I now understand,


All the forgotten dreams,

Floating in stagnant wells,

Incapable of rippling,

Pressured by an unbending mold.

–Kevin J Flors



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Falsettos of the falsely fallen,

Fantasize a frozen form,

Forever feeling from fountains,

Freed from forming foreclosure.


Fortitude’s folly fends fear,

Far from followed fences.

Fiercely firing fists of fire,

For foolish fascinations of forever.


Filtration funded by fingers,

But filth finds foundation,

Formations of fortune,

Forever framing their forefathers.


Fancy fowls of forever,

Forget forming failing flowers,

A fellowship of the finite,

Who find fountains in feelings.

–Kevin J Flors

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Reminisce (Recalesce)

FeaturedReminisce (Recalesce)

The endangerment of silence,

Memories of happier times,

Of ecstasies of flying,

Realizations of falling.


Decanting cans of bitter juice,

Offerings of companionship,

And trustful barters,

Soiled by the greedy weasel.


Flecks of light,

All forming an image,

A happy cat and his pals,

A scary man and his guns.


Explosions of color,

Drawings of flat suns,

And grasses oh so green,

And lost ones, forever unseen.


The endangerment of silence,

Cries of jubilance,









–Kevin J Flors

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King Dumb

FeaturedKing Dumb


one nation

one revolutionary

named revolution


Sir Washington

washing tin




fat king

kingdom come

King Dumb

big thumb

big gun

no one

help one

help many


many watch

many clap

many laugh

many die

men die

die men


blood diamond


shed fruit

fruit bear

bear arms



police arms

police harms

arms raised

tempers raised

legs dropped

drop minds

mind issues

issue complaints

complaint conquers


conjure questions

question logic

logic trumped

Donald Trump

trump card

carted off

off with their heads

heads hung




long hair


its age

great sage

great disparage

Great Depression




one nation

one revolutionary

named revolution.

–Kevin J Flors



Cloaks cast away madness.

They suffocate mouths with sweetened candy,

Burden minds with shortened memory,

Gag hands with satiable promiscuity,


Malleable garments of plastic,

Blinding facades prevent action,

Provide warm comfort,

Encourage heedless reaction.


Shelters create hollowed shells,

Insides filled not with an omniscient organ,

Nor an intrinsically branched vein,

But solely a mandated oxygen.


Loathing locks of location,

Bind beings to bed,

Hopeless hearts without help,

Entertain entries to be entities bled.


Blistering cauldrons hoggishly occupied,

Bubbling cells of juvenile display,

Coating pools with soapy film,

Smother bodies with naiveté.

–Kevin J Flors

Thanks for reading. When considering organizational structure of this poem, I really wanted to experiment with traditional poetry while still making it clear that the poem is traditional. This is common with a lot of my recent poetry; that is, providing subtle changes to traditional poetry structure. Whether it is using a strange rhyming structure (Limits to Success)  or having specific stanzas that provide a unique word pattern (like this poem). With that being said, I want to further expand my poetic structures by being experimental beyond traditional or my modernized attempts at recreating the traditional and I plan on doing this in the near future.

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The Bravest Beaver

FeaturedThe Bravest Beaver

Trepidation bests the bravest beaver.

The protection it provides is eternally temporal,

Until thought of hubris reigns,

Crafting rains of aquatic torment.



Foliage is painted with cartilage,

From those too wholesome to live.

Young weasels unscathed by fire,

Further starve those in water.



Slamming chords of mischievous instruments,

Cause snared beasts to helplessly cower.

In homes of bloodied limbs and venison,

Transformed by rhythmic toddlers.



Animals trembling from grieving stomachs,

Sharply yawp at their ageless deities.

Blunt pleas are blatantly ignored,

And hearts are sluggishly dried.



Flashes of light display hope,

But sources shine from gluttonous hunters,

Looking for easy prey,

Added to eternally temporal prisons.


–Kevin J Flors


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